do stand fast for a year, and I’m ashamed to say is a rookie, after watching a lot of experience, gradually understand, do not stand so that most probably it did not actually happen for a long time do not know, persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, now is not too late. After reading what I wrote, you can despise me with all your heart, I have nothing to say.

I am a worker the lowest level of the ordinary, in this bustling city of Shenzhen in the interpretation of my ordinary life, I did not give up my dream because I now live in the lowest layer, in my efforts, I feel, can have a website that is my dream. May be a momentary impulse (without any experience, I purchased the station) (buy domain name and space space is a garbage lied), built my computer maintenance station (Youxi computer maintenance), at the beginning of a week on the Internet to browse the websites, summarizes some thought of popular the website of intention, choose to do computer repair station, "just a simple word above will move", for network technology I don’t even know what is ASP PHP, database and server and what kind of contact And a month’s time, the website did not achieve the effect I want, every day I will visit less, but temporarily shut down the site, but graduated from high school I do not know how to program development, can make a good website? After a friend introduced me to start in the source code download station find their own source code, hard work pays off, and finally when I want to give up, CMS appear in front of me, my heart suddenly bright, this is not what I want to find you.


site was finally completed, when I was enchanted, collect some knowledge of maintenance on the Internet every day in addition to the website or website, basically what else do not want to, life is very bitter, girlfriend also suffered a lot, the website does not have content to the website, I will to learn, I was utterly ignorant of of computer repair, I plan, efforts, learning, feeling every time is not enough, feel their professional knowledge is not enough.

After the

website contents, began to try, never thought about how important it is for a web site SEO, is naive to think that can rely on some marketing tricks can achieve their own expectations, this time I made a big mistake, because a lot of publicity on my website on the Internet, causing a lot of garbage information, at this time I stand by Baidu K, I did not give up, I am looking for a long time, the original is the chain in a period of time increased too much, and most of the chain site has placed their hair disease (mostly garbage station). So I selectively delete some of the chain, and insist on updating the original works every day, hoping that someday can be re included Baidu.

starts growing up from a rookie who doesn’t know how to fix it. I know one day my station will be built better. Let’s talk about it first. It’s a mess. I hope everyone can give me a piece of advice. Here, to struggle in the front line of the network

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