"global village" I don’t know if you have what opinion, now the Internet is a new thing every day is also the germination, the Internet pulled us together, the people all over the world information together, let us quickly and easily understand the world, the Internet is an important window for us to understand the world.

said this theme is a bit big, so what constitutes the Internet website, and is one of a molecule, so the site will have a very important role, nor in what is now the site news, may you a seemingly insignificant person may have good some web sites, web site is very simple, but do a good website or something, we are very clear to do a website sometimes technology is not too difficult, as long as we are planning well, do a successful web site is not difficult, but the difficulty in the promotion, a problem pay more attention to this is we do stand, some people say that money is the website, actually know what is the production process can not spend money, the money is the main promotion. It is to let your website have more people to know to let them come to your website such a process.

below, let’s talk about promoting

first of all, I feel that before the promotion, the site to do a good job, to have a good product, this is the absolute truth.

this afternoon and saw a lot of promotion methods, the feeling is usually very commonly used those methods, I have said before in any kind of promotion method can reach as long as extreme can be achieved very good results, but I’ve been thinking about some offbeat promotion methods, how to make your site more exposure so, we can find a way, looking for a suitable site and offbeat promotion method.

I see two ways we may have seen but I still feel you can use, one is making false news, I saw a report that a 28 year old girl in Hangzhou two days ago, 7 months pregnant, but didn’t know her husband, looking for a there is a sense of responsibility of the child’s father, can arrange the car and the house, job, salary and this post a lot of attention, and left a lot of contact, there is really such a thing, there is probably true, but I feel the odds should be very small and is almost 0. But why there are so many people to keep abreast of that, so many people see it, this is to seize a lot of people’s mentality, covet a small profit, have this mentality of people too much, so it appears that high click, so we can catch people’s psychology in the network to promote the offbeat method. For example: curiosity, knowledge, desire and other

I saw such a generalization of the method, a man with no matter in the business hall free play, general business hall of the computer is not the input device in the mobile, China Unicom, bank hall, his address on the favorites, few people can change, because in general many people came to the hall love service in the business hall of the electric.

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