with the rapid development of the Internet, network security issues are very severe. Like a Trojan horse, a virus overrun. Let’s have a look again, in 2009 September, the whole mainland has been tampered with 3513 websites, of which the mainland government website in September tampered with 256, although it has declined, but still a lot.

I’m here to analyze the main reason why the website has been tampered with and tampered with, and I think the most important step is that the website security is not enough, very seriously, the weak security awareness is the main reason. The second reason is that there are many websites without deploying tamper proof system, or not to deploy the defense system, and the third is our website platform architecture and site click rate is not precise enough and there are still some vulnerabilities, these vulnerabilities will give hackers an opportunity, the last one is the hacking is quite good, and I do not know you in the Internet have a try, some hackers on the Internet search tool is very easy to search, the hacker tool is also very simple and intelligent, to what extent? Say you want to attack the website as long as there is a scan will enter the URL, scan your website and then listed many loopholes, and then tell you what methods of attack at present, the hacker attack is still very serious, this is still a lot of things, not long ago in a CCTV The program, which shows about 09 years Chinese horse industry, and horse income has 10 billion yuan, the Chinese users according to official statistics, more than 3 hundred million of the market is very large, the website sale Trojan program, a program can even sell five thousand to more than ten thousand, in addition to sell a "chicken" server. "Chicken" can be sold for five thousand to ten thousand yuan.

second is an attack on our large web site. There are third factors is the personal behavior, many juvenile whim to overnight, to find some tools on the Internet, in fact, is not a real hacker, is a rookie level, the rookie level, the use of advanced tools to pose a threat to our website, so in this piece of threat to our personal actions too much.

here are two levels of thinking.

is the first database, SQL injection attacks, many of our website and no user access parameter filter, or filter is not strict, the attacker can cause a lot of directly through SQL steal account and password, they can find expression in many ways, there is also the relevant personnel to check account, after the break, and finally get the database as long as the database administrator password, after account password can be injected into the Trojan, the hacker attacks accounted for 70%.

we now look at the horse, the horse is in the program which hackers secretly implanted Trojan horse, so he can make your computer to download a Trojan horse, also can control your computer, this phenomenon can explain the Trojan horse, for example we open the Sina or the official website, I found the home page and open another pop-up after a website about the point, on the other.

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