development of the Internet has brought many changes, many people will choose a job on the Internet, and network recruitment has also become increasingly hot, how to deal with today’s online recruitment, but how to make good use of the network recruitment, really is not an easy thing. Therefore, in the new era, enterprises how to operate "Network Recruitment" to make use of it, has become a topic that must be paid attention to.

      network recruitment in the beginning is not popular, but also with the constantly attract users attention, enhance their influence to today’s hot, but is likely to start the recruitment network due to the company’s influence is not enough, can not get effective recruitment, then for the enterprise, the first thing you need to do is to expand access by expanding the flow flow, bring more attention, it has the potential to improve their own influence, for an enterprise, the influence is very important, if there is no influence, so can not bring attention, no attention will not be able to attract good people, but to modern Society for talents so highly valued, a if the enterprises do not have their own human resources, so the future development will be subject to restrictions, so enterprises want to through the network recruitment needs To do is to use various means to improve the expansion of traffic.

      of course, after the expansion of traffic after the owners need to do is to get into these traffic flow through the transformation, let flow become effective, otherwise once the efficiency is low, not only can not get the best talent resources, and will increase the cost of enterprises, the enterprise is not the best, so enterprises in the recruitment through the network, not only through the rational use of traffic, more needs and expanding interaction flow, in order to effectively achieve the introduction of long-term reasonable talent, bring the greatest advantage for the development of enterprises.

      also dropped out in the area of online recruitment, if the recruitment position in the first and second tier city, need to do is to raise the salary level and the future development of space, it is necessary to do in the first and second tier city recruitment network, and for the following three lines and the city network recruitment, need to do is to raise the salary, it is another kind of advantage, because of the different types of city, positioning is different, if not through accurate positioning, so the efficiency of network recruitment will be low, this approach is not conducive to the long-term development of enterprises, so for the development of enterprises, need to do is location, location area accuracy, improve the efficiency of network recruitment so as to be targeted.

    it is also important to improve the efficiency of information delivery. Even if the enterprise do the above three steps, still need to make better information on the analysis of the above three steps, because the information is no weapons, nor can the development of enterprise information, this information includes not only the personnel information, there are countries in the process of the development of various enterprises for talents, this is not to escape, so for >

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