everyone knows that the development of a website is absolutely inseparable from the search engine, so Baidu and Google are our best friends. Never offend.

talk about Baidu alone. Monday, Tuesday, is the webmaster diligent update, add the contents of the day, don’t go to Links, to find high quality is not found, of course not high quality must be PR high, the chain went to PR=6 100, why don’t you just find a PR3 chain only 10, this is definitely the 36930 network wise remark of an experienced person.

on Wednesday, there will be a small update, regardless of your ranking, or down, do not sad, or excited. Because today’s update is not very accurate, for example: 36930 of the net, site:36930.com Baidu snapshot 3.15, not only included every day, but as long as the background update, Baidu almost each are included, second days off. Wednesday’s update is often more confusing, often for no reason out of a mess of ranking, so that you stretch the line in your heart, ha ha. But the rankings are down, don’t be nervous, focus on tomorrow.

Thursday, a webmaster mixed day, this day is the most important, because under normal circumstances, this day update decided this week’s ranking, Wednesday’s chaos results, general today will "fix" the day update, sometimes even change will be great. Your ranking dropped badly. According to a recent 36930 article site long observation, if you stand in a number of Baidu keyword hits more than 1000 times, Baidu will monitor the keywords, perhaps to K station, now Baidu keyword density too high is very taboo. For Baidu, the keyword density is best not more than 20%. 4%~8% works better.

Of course,

for Google, want to let the spider love you more, it is better to join the Dmoz directory, this earth webmaster all know, maybe not just joined what effect, but the latter effect it’s powerful acceleration is others several times, you are not afraid to go beyond the others? Ha-ha。

about Dmoz knowledge, the network is more, here will not say more. Today, in a good mood, Baidu and collected 36930 articles nets 1000 articles, first talk about this, see you later.

do stand, is to continue to do so, there will always be a harvest day. Welcome to my station: 36930 article network (www.36930.com), I wish you all many IP, money many.

starts in stationmaster net, reprint please indicate.

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