surprise, this afternoon when inquires, even found Baidu re included!

I re site, but three days, ha ha, before the space did not buy, the main station has not seen, and Baidu put me stand, until January, and then did not receive..

2, 10, re built the main station, wrote the rules, collected articles (rewritten titles and parts), and submitted Baidu and gg

the same evening

GG soon picked me up in the afternoon of second days.

had no idea that Baidu would be so quick to collect, I would like to, if the road is a lot of Baidu? Will things change?

want to do ~ ~ ~ no way, recently what the most fire? Edison Chan, chant, ~

I went to send a post called:

‘s view of Edison Chan’s recent collection of passion photos,

came over that day, more than 1000 IP. Ha ha,

second days less, but there are hundreds of ~~~

(of course, these days or dozens of updates every day "pseudo original" article)

results, Baidu in 14 re included, No. 14, I is the 1040 result,

, now you can try, and it should be different every day because you have original

every day

master included, but also let my forum was included again ~ ha ha ~


it also proves that my acquisition capability is OK, ~

if you have not been included in the Baidu students, you can consider this method, but must remember the appropriate amount, do not send too much.. Otherwise it will be K!

welcome everyone to join Adsense mutual aid group: 39478048 , we discuss together!!

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