if you are a master of writing, you are also good at writing articles. In fact, it attracts a lot of traffic and doesn’t need to be your own website. Just like Sina above many popular bloggers, many blog one day only traffic there are hundreds of thousands, and because of this, can have a lot of traffic to attract a lot of advertising to advertisers, they would find the door. So you don’t have to build your own website, just a blog can make money through advertising!


builds its own blog, it only needs regular updates, not updates every day. First, in order to enhance the weight of their blog, and the two is around the theme of their blog and write high-quality original, so that all readers can understand the truth, and recognize their own value. However, the weight of the blog can bring benefits to oneself is incredible, and only such a platform in order to make their blog presents its own value. If you have just established a personal website, even if the content is good, it is difficult to optimize your blog, which will make your blog will sink into the vast sea of people. However, whether a person’s qualifications to engage in, could not have a lot of ideas like a day many articles write off the reel. But in recently also for many people in a variety of well-known bloggers have done a lot of discussion now, we have to learn from them about how to put up a blog traffic, refer to a variety of writing and skills they write the article.

to write the most important thing is from our inner inspiration in our mind suddenly flashed frame the moment of inspiration immediately to build the whole article for our inspiration, and then the idea of finishing later in the writing process to go according to this framework, try not to let your ideas interrupted by the outside world, after the basic completion of the slowly make changes, like to write a good article. As for our source of inspiration, you can refer to the following method:

first of all, our inspiration comes from our own perception. Some people are very easy in many things will suddenly have a lot of sense for these, we will immediately seize the feeling ah, and quickly put it into words, perhaps their perception may resonate with a lot of people, but only to resonate with the article is the most good article.

Secondly, we

a lot of inspiration comes from life, any one thing in life that we observe can write articles, but the focus is on his article to have originality, so that their own articles and blog theme related inspiration, we need to know how others are not want to. Of course, the articles we write should be discussed around our daily work and life.

and then our inspiration comes from everyday communication. As a blogger, you can’t avoid visiting other bloggers’ space and browsing other people’s articles, so you can’t avoid making friends with other users

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