no matter what, now people generally believe that the line on the website a few days is unlikely to have much traffic to earn much money, I really don’t know what happened to their website, is now doing traffic also rely on search engines?? on a web site search can live for many Chinese, most webmaster by Baidu, Baidu now cattle, itself is not easy to be included, K a K be nothing difficult, but, what are not, everything from zero to start, do so interesting?? we have to do is not to search the website alive, like money now, what to do? Not to make money? If you say no, I admire you, you are too noble…

is now doing the site, not for money, money can, so we can do as long as we can make money…

it’s really easy to make money online… Of course, in the case of GOOGLE… No GOOGLE that can do it… China’s alliance itself is low in price and how much can you make by making these alliances? I’m afraid there’s only a lot of traffic to make our daily expenses… Make the daily expenses and what is left?? 80 we are now facing the house, car, (not to mention the wife descendants) face China increasingly high prices, how much to spend to buy a house to buy a car, I think in the smallest city 100 square house, at least about 100000 cars. No good also have tens of thousands of it (I live in a small city, a good worker monthly salary is also about 2000, the light house and the car they want to earn how many years?)… How can we make money for this website?


some people find it difficult to think, some just entered the ranks of the network, to do a website to be able to make money, this is several millions a year (I’ve met just entered the ranks of the website people say I think are funny, China stationmaster far more than, can really use a website to make millions of years of we also have several heart number.)..

, but have you ever thought about what you do with your website? What makes you make money?


tell me how to make a hundred knives, I can’t do it, you are incompetent, not what I said is wrong!!!


we can give up the search engine in the website began to do publicity, I think these people are OK (Post Bar, forums, exchange links, advertising ah whatever you use, as long as make thousands of IP enough, can do better even tens of thousands, lazy.


to do a GOOGLE high price, do we make the flow station to guide it (you say GG to the title I just want you to know who let you violate the rules of the game, I have seen a month earn tens of thousands are all right, I now also month nearly all right, why don’t we seal GG is your letter, you asked for it. As long as you work hard, it’s really easy to make a hundred knives a day…

makes American money, China Station

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