this two days in the webmaster online to see "fun game boy network: 19 years old" play "to design the general manager of the company" and "student" millionaire "website: Answer 2 months net $1500" two news, can not help to think in the news of the successful people have a common characteristic is that age, entrepreneurs are out of interest and their success stems from the internet.

every webmaster knows that success is not just a matter of interest. It is hard work and persistence that is full of interest and success. However, the webmaster carefully think, no interest in the guide, you will not be closer to success.

take the webmaster industry, the webmaster industry is our life is no stranger to the industry, many people have embarked on the industry, there are also a lot of people in the industry. According to May this year, "China personal webmaster survival survey report" data show that 2008 of the survey shows that 60% of the individual owners have achieved profitability, the main profit way for electronic commerce and service charge membership fees, the average monthly income of 2661 yuan. China’s overall station tends to be younger, with an average age of 26 years old, women accounted for only 1% of the webmaster, bachelor degree based education.

60% the individual owners have been successful, and that 40% of the personal webmaster or withdraw from the industry, or doing their own garbage station, or is the site is as trassient as a fleeting cloud for him. Why do these webmaster fail? Their initial state of mind led to their own can not continue to adhere to and work hard. Many users are to see many articles on the Internet, successful Adsense is how to earn tens of thousands of months, and they feel very simple, can not help the temptation of such money, to join the webmaster industry. The profit of the website is not everybody can make at a draught, begin when all just be in investment. When there is no interest in a novice webmaster support, only by the interests of the temptation to go into the construction site, a time to see short-term gains, they will not stick to it, this site often finally will become a garbage station, and then a little bit of give up, until leaving the station long industry.

for the novice webmaster how to do a website, this article beyond count (, stationmaster net Wenyang also not discussed here, can only hope for would-be webmaster in industry and put forward some ideas into the webmaster.

1, whether it has been in this industry, or intend to go on the industry’s Quasi webmaster, should find an entry direction for themselves, and this direction is interest. Interest is the greatest motivation of a person. According to expert research, when a person is interested in (voluntary) doing a thing, his efficiency and action and perseverance are 3 times to be forced to do one thing. Webmasters do not just see the interests of a strange industry, no very human perseverance, in such an industry is not going to the final success.

2, even if there is no interest, the webmaster do site also want to choose from >

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