does some of the advantages of using WordPress to do web sites:

itself is very powerful, very mature. For example, writing an article automatically increases to websites like Google and saves a lot of things.

plug-in many, it is easy to expand functions. Use Thought Web All as in One SEO Pack (do some search engine optimization), Google XML Sitemaps (automatic generation of sitemap.xml and other documents submitted to the Google (Slug), PinYin URL put the Chinese characters into Pinyin), Ultimate Google Analytics (statistical function is very convenient with the use of the German Google, WordPress Database) Backup (easily backup database). If you want to develop these functions yourself, you don’t know how long it will take. If you need any more features, check it out online.

themes are many, and it’s easy to customize all styles. Like Thought Web, if I don’t say, if I take the bottom "Powered by WordPress" out, do you know that Thought Web is based on WordPress? It just uses a more appropriate template, huh?. WordPress topic N, you can easily find what you need; if you can’t find your satisfaction, it’s not too difficult to do it yourself.

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