with lower Wangzhuan threshold, more and more people to join the army in Wangzhuan go forward with great strength and vigour. However, due to the existence of the 28 law, most of the webmaster have died on the road to success. Although build website, website optimization, website promotion is the site for the general idea, but higher risk, investors need to be cautious! So, how to avoid the risk of Wangzhuan can effective? An effective way is to do. Personal Adsense site cost is very low now, a space of more than 100 dollars, sixty dollars is a domain name fix, calculating a station cost of less than two hundred yuan, of course, can be lower, I a station now cost less than 100 dollars. Today, we will talk about the risk of doing more web sites to spread things.

note: many sites here to spread the risk, is not suitable for small and medium-sized companies, only applicable to individual owners; many website said here is not to build the station group, a number of large companies is not within the site. Please don’t mix up. In fact, the station group and many sites are very different. The establishment of stations is a gray hat SEO techniques, namely their control or do not want to control a large number of related website, take cross connection, rapidly improve the target keywords ranking, short-term operating properly can indeed bring good results, but because this is a deception search engine cheating, once found, or it is very easy to be reported to disappear from the search engine. This is a high-risk means of optimization, it is recommended that novices do not use. Qian Yushan said here to do more web site, in fact, do some unrelated websites, neither selling the same product, and do not have to do cross links.

most of the personal webmaster in the country is very fragile. No matter how their site planning operation carefully, how well, or the webmaster itself is network marketing master, but they have established the website often because some of the same reasons be destroyed on one day. For example, in the search engine update algorithm, it is possible to make your website ranking disappear overnight, as if he had been completely ignored. And most individual stationmaster is to rely on search engine to eat, encounter this kind of thing, often can be very depressed. Even if the search engine does not depend on the individual station, will also hit, because some other external reasons such as: vendor delivery, supplier prices makes no profit, supply channel is not stable, the market or the user concept changes and many other factors may make the website profit shocks, this time, what should you do? These are good ways to avoid the risk, the risk is to replicate the success of you, how do.

, such as doing a successful e-commerce site, put him aside, then repeat your successful experience and build a new website to ensure that the new site is completely unrelated to the original site. Because of the different flying industry and different products, the profit model is quite different, and the promotion strategy is different. Nowadays, many webmaster because of the existence of Taobao customers have done, product recommendation >

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