because of work, I started online marketing. In the beginning, customer development was done by QQ. Later, when I found some keyword search on the Internet, there were a lot of industry personal websites, just like the new world. So began his website construction and marketing promotion road. Because it is a new person, then eager to set up the site, so take a lot of detours, here I will own past detours, make a summary, but also please everyone a lot of advice.

1: not registering a domain name for the site’s theme.

I’m sorry to hear that. With the help of a friend, from the domain name to the successful registration domain name, I spent 2 hours. I felt good then I found the problem. The theme of the web site is gold investment. But I want to be relatively large, I think how will develop and grow in the future, what is the long-term?. Because the financial aspects of the alphabet, letters, letters, domain names have dried up, so registered for a long time, and finally can not borrow 007 name to get one (Chinese Name: 007 financial network). That reads very pleasing to the ear, later found from both the domain name easy to remember and identifiability are very poor. Later, a friend said, "how do you think L looks like number 1?". Later, when I was promoted, I was reluctant to leave LC as a sign. Summary: the website needs an eye-catching business card, start building a reasonable website, reasonable development direction in the late stage, and then select an appropriate and eye-catching domain name. And after the website is made clear, be sure to do dedicated and professional.

two: there is no positioning of the site framework before the site.

, if you change website programs frequently, this is fatal to websites in search engine optimization and promotion. Didn’t know the importance of this, just got a dream in the online content management program, and with a few articles will be submitted after the site search engines. After two months, I felt that it was not suitable for me to be a personal station. I didn’t have much time and energy. Having studied the competitor’s website, he decided to choose the blogging program. Although it was right to look back on this decision, I took a detour from the beginning, and later made a detour (with several sets of templates). Search engines, especially BD later included in the six months have problems, the basic keywords are not ranked. Summary modaobuwukanchaigong, frame structure must choose a good website before, do not easily give website knife "operation".

three: there is no reasonable optimization of the content of the site

looked back before he realized that the spider had a meal. This is also in later understand, website update should be regular, feeding spiders to have new ideas, can not eat everywhere can take it to it. So at first I didn’t know that, sometimes I updated ten articles a day and lived two or three times a day. Slowly, the search engine is estranged. Summary: after a plan, regular, innovative, to update the site, to please the child. And do >

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