recently described the fresh electricity supplier in the field before the startup Starving people fill the land., excellent dish network experience, after the aborted sky Yonghui supermarket’s. However, fresh huge market space temptation makes a wave of entrepreneurs have set dish network is one of them, this start-up company trying to cut into the fresh market with the "mouse + cement" O2O mode, it can become


ordering dishes network, is a fresh electricity supplier in Suzhou, founded by Zhu Xiaoyi of Heilongjiang. Zhu, 1998 graduated from Northeast Agricultural University majoring in economy and management in the United States STANLEY hardware company, after several years of work, in 2004 started his first business trip, he founded a trading company, wholesale hardware accessories, has been operating ever since. But that of the Internet and new things more interested in Zhu did not meet the "trade dealers" in 2010 to enter his identity, he has long been the envy of the field of electricity providers, launched an online mall for tun.


the description of Zhu Xiaoyi, a village mall is a native of Suzhou and a large supermarket cooperation O2O mall, a tun responsible for the 2000 kinds of products online supermarket sales, while Zhu was the development of SNS games with the flow to the mall, but a tun development is not successful, in 2011 it encountered some "episode".

"the friend I’m doing with me doesn’t want to do it. He thinks it’s too difficult.". The partners moved our website’s creation intact and developed a similar website, which is too easy to imitate."

"you can’t do homogeneous products with big supermarkets, because it might affect people’s offline business. You must do something different."." After the event, Zhu Xiaoyi concluded that in the spring of 2012 he began to consider the problem of transformation. And in June, based on the book business walk Tun dish network (www.dingcai.com) was born, the choice of partners is Zhu convenience supermarket, chosen field of fresh products.

mouse + cement

in the field of fresh electricity supplier, logistics and distribution is a difficult problem, such as a fresh electricity supplier had self anatomical, said, multiple farms supply, procurement of small, high logistics costs." And after the city delivery costs will be higher, Zhu Xiaoyi analysis said, "30 orders", if by the previous cost accounting, an order logistics delivery cost is twenty or thirty dollars. Set dish network make the cost per single 1.5 yuan of money, his killer is: convenience store distribution.

Zhu Xiaoyi in accordance with the design, when a consumer in order to pay online to buy a box of food, the order will be entered from the system center, only third vegetable base in the deployment of the corresponding gross food (unprocessed food) into the processing plant near the start of distribution trip in the processing of Cheng Bancheng products. No >

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