there is a sentence, we are very familiar with: there are policies, there are countermeasures. In the face of the rules and regulations of the higher authorities, this notice of the Ordinance, the lower level, always come up with corresponding solutions. In the face of these, I often think, this is superior regulation is not good enough, or the lower levels of rebellious psychology is too strong,


station network reported in May 13th a "SARFT ban embarrassed: website loophole users do not buy" article, I saw a smile, smile more than a little emotion. SARFT issued the regulations for the protection of the copyright of the works, or for the majority of Internet users friends and love? A "on the strengthening of Internet audio and video content management notice" issued, if SARFT will make a fuss, rectify the undocumented video network station; but then, in smooth water, unlicensed video website After rain the sky looks blue.. As usual, users watch video programs.

in the "notice" issued on the occasion, the author also made a survey of American TV drama, online video without really will disappear? "25 people voted, 16 people said no thought about this issue, there are 7 people expressed a negative answer, for the" notice "should be. The Internet, do not believe that SARFT will make a fuss, users have to" wolf "type, not notice resolution. The author believes that the "notice" is only SARFT’s show, although the regulations enacted, but there is no corresponding implementation rules, it is difficult to promote. The gun fight bird, probably for Youku, potatoes such video station impact is relatively large, but for ordinary users to watch American TV drama, is not difficult, some small still will provide the download resources.

the introduction and implementation of any "notification" requires the mass basis. After all, the strength of the masses is endless, and it is difficult to popularize without a mass basis. The so-called "get the world," the people, without the support of the masses, is doomed to difficulties. The provisions of the notice undoubtedly harm the interests of the vast majority of Internet users, and are destined to be difficult to implement. Among the Chinese Internet users, most of them like to watch American dramas, Korean dramas, Oscar movies and so on. If these rights are taken away from netizens, the consequences will be serious. This is the fundamental solution to the problem, unless the notice bans unlicensed video sites and provides users with another channel to meet these needs.

in addition, the Internet has the characteristics of instant dissemination and sharing of resources, and it also determines that the "notification" is doomed to exist without soil. The emergence of "global village" is dependent on the popularity of the Internet. The emergence of the Internet has greatly shortened the distance from all over the world, becoming a village style virtual space. With the network resource sharing, free maintenance characteristics, one side of the work product right is difficult to guarantee, but also because of efficient dissemination of the Internet, to promote the film and television works, the leap to the effect on the promotion of film and television works.

"notice" often has, but the implementation of the effect is not always, China’s Internet users hundreds of millions of plays an increasingly important role; any

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