has spent almost every day in the A5 quiz area, and, of course, a lot of questions. But in answer, encountered a very common problem, such as "my website ranking drop, how should I do?" "why my website is not included?" "why my website has no good rankings?". These problems are more novice webmaster questions, a simple description of the problem, to do a detailed answer, assuming things too much, if a few words to answer, will be mistaken for brush posts, here, specially to talk about these issues as well as my SEO experience.

do SEO, there is no shortcut to go, if you want to steady long-term ranking, you must have long-term execution. A lot of people say, "content is king, the chain is emperor."". Yes, that’s right. It’s the basic thing to do SEO, but what you need to get out of the competition is more detail. The following is combined with my actual combat experience, specific "details" and "executive force"". As for the content and the chain, these online too much.

SEO I do not for a long time, 2010 started from scratch, but with a little achievement (2010 will be a virtual recharge software is a new web site optimization to Baidu home page second, the site is not published, in order to avoid suspicion of AD). Later on, the reason for the success lies in details and execution.

everyone says, the new website optimization is the most difficult, no weight, no content, no chain, and so on. But my approach is: the choice of good space is the first choice, there is no good space, the site is all talk. Every day at nine a.m. update five articles, these articles are their own hand to play, or find good articles on the Internet, do a lot of revision, and then released, 30 days a month, every day. For new sites, not too much to consider included and ranking, because for Baidu, a new station, he will examine you, inspection time is short one or two weeks, long for several months. So this month, the morning is content release, in the afternoon and evening is the construction of the chain, the chain will not say more, the key lies in the scope of the wide, high quality, regular.

many new Adsense or cannot help, why not included, suggest any new Adsense must learn to see the website log, see what search engines have come, grab what pages. Grab, but did not included, this is only a matter of time, but also shows that your site is under investigation. Every day regularly release 5 articles, adhere to a few days easy, but to adhere to a month or even two months, six months, this is not an easy thing, and this is the need for each new webmaster’s strong executive ability to support.

more details. Many webmaster see SEO, that is to do the content, do the chain, insist on doing these two, but ranking is not ideal. It may be that you don’t have enough details. Here are some of the details I’ve done:

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