first let my friends see what I did, and what I have done is wrong. Help me to analyze it. I will list my website work


1, the site submitted to the search engine, in the Internet to see many webmaster will do so, that is, the site has the maximum exposure probability; I did, also been included, but did not bring traffic

2, because the early site is not ready, start messing around, and do stand level made a version of the automatic acquisition, collected thousands of articles about the network information of the article, this website content rich a lot, you can look at the http://s.

3, on a number of major sites have registered, published articles and published web site;

4, after the above preparation is not what I flow on the site launched a music channel h which is an automatic acquisition of music xiaolun program, because it is the result of the work, make the version almost automatic acquisition of

5, and then got an automatic collection of pictures version, also opened the picture channel, collected a lot of pictures,


7, and some webmaster for friendship connection; listen to friends said in the blog reply some themes, plus your website Web site, can increase external connection, I have been up all night, several nights

after the above efforts of my site or not what traffic, I quickly collapsed, what to do to bring traffic. What’s your opinion if colleagues then show a younger brother, my QQ is: 168818889 e-mail: [email protected] welcome network interest share

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