good memory as bad pen ", this sentence has been memorized words in the end who can understand the meaning? Now this society does not lack of thinking people, and often thinking person lack is a necessary factor — successful execution so as a webmaster! How can we improve myself as" executive ability "


1. make sure you love the industry,

knows how to do a job and loves a party, but many people can’t do it. We all know that in our work we find that most of the work is boring. We all know that if we play games and work a day a day in our own heart is different! The game feel one day’s time, and the work has feeling! I don’t know whether most people are feeling like this. It means you have not really put to work, also disguised that you don’t love your work! Only the music can work into fun play to their talents, dedication, some people will say the work is completely mechanical, not what attraction, let how do I love your work?

some people are good at communication, and willing to communicate with others, so they are in sales or training industry, there will be some color! While others are not very talkative, but the habit of sitting alone in front of the computer, so that people work, art, design, just to make yourself feel happy thing so, do not hate! Before you walk on the road of the webmaster uplink, you must first determine is whether you can accept every day in front of the computer, at the same time to consider is whether you can accept the ever-changing Internet

!Many webmaster

walking on the road, some people are being entered, some people are willing to enter, cut no matter what kind of mind, since we all walk in this way, we will try to make myself love this industry, everyone’s methods are not the same as me, because! The low threshold, so I believe I can get what I want in this industry interest, fun, and put their time into money, so I love this industry! So, you


2. determine what your goal is,

you have not carefully thought about this problem? I think a lot of people have not thought of, or occasionally thought but did not put their goals in mind! This is the most deadly, even your own goals do not know, then you will be in the implementation process of swing! Maybe you will be with me say you have a goal, but now I give you 10 minutes, if you can complete your goals in a paragraph, and feel reliable, can, through their own efforts to reach you remember it, work was constantly thinking about it

!What’s the

goal? It’s the beacon. We need to keep looking for lights and lights in our lives

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