I hope you will see that this approach is absolutely feasible, and it works, and now the outdated brothers test has been successful. Don’t talk nonsense, get to the point.

how to do a no flow station to do 5000 IP, in fact, very simple, the key is that you do not have the brain to think about. I want to write out, if you are interested in doing it, then do as I say, basically can achieve 5000 IP, if you can, I have what requirements, there is interest in support of my alliance, not interested in not demanding.

1, first you stand ready later, to apply text chain immediately, text chain for the 1, at least you can get 100 IP, for 50, so is 5000IP, this simple, as long as you do it, this is the text of the chain of loopholes, and the new chain effect the better, specifically how, to experience this we know, someone will ask, how can put so much of it, ha ha, a chain line, 10 chains are only 10, you can find several places, plug on it. This way to get up is 5000IP, and you feel tired, you can not engage in, you do, there must be.

text connection is very simple, there are many self-help navigation website, 2, ranking, such a thing now, however, the rankings have to pay attention to skills, update time, you have to grasp the time, when you use a pop-up bomb to him, one day you are in the first row so, you have a lot of money back, the ranking must get to the top 5, otherwise the significance is not big, the ranking is what you don’t know that I went to say, for example, ranking 12:00 update, updated every 15 minutes, then you at 11:45, you put all your station pop-up all put on him, he played to refresh the data so far, then you will go up, you stable in time the top 5, you can stop pop up, he will give you the best time to send traffic, first ha, This approach, grasp, you can engage in 50 thousand IP, grasp the general 5000IP is definitely not a problem. The text of the chain to get the IP to improve the side of the IP, the original flow out more difficult to earn, but earn or something, will you see.

3, Baidu Post Bar, said this many times, Post Bar posts have skills, we can not send advertising the address wrong, you can send pictures address, in fact is a connection address, just put the HTML into GIF. This can deceive some people, and to write the name and mix, then you can Post Bar, hair can not, have to trace, and content is not the same, iron is different, Baidu batch delete, oh, no way, have a delete, you made 100 Post Bar, 100 different contents. 3 days later to see, what still remains, after come, what did not, it will not come, do.

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