O2O tide, the foreign Uber model is constantly mentioned in domestic media and entrepreneurs, and another in the field of O2O has done quite well, even in the year after the listing, the market value is close to $3 billion, but less into the entrepreneur’s vision. In a recent home hungry takeaway ordering service and a group takeaway slobber war background, we propose I horse America’s largest food distribution network GrubHub, in-depth analysis of the market capitalization listed on the first day soared 35%, now $2 billion 800 million platform is how to make? < / p>



GrubHub is headquartered in Chicago, is a provider of online and mobile phone ordering service for users of the company, founded in 2004, founded by two Matthew Maloney and Michael Evans programmer, beginning with the campus as the entrance to do catering delivery network. Grubhub was officially listed on the NYSE in April 2014 at a price of $26, exceeding its expected price, and a 35% jump in the first day of the listing, up to $40.79 a share. It remained at about $35 A share, with a market capitalisation of $2 billion 800 million.

The essence of

‘s Grubhub now is the merger of the Grubhub platform and the Seamless platform. Seamless was established in 1999 to start the enterprise ordering, and after the merger of the two companies can achieve large-scale growth, overlay, regional products and technical cooperation and so on. Grubhub platform and Seamless platform in August 2013 to complete the merger, after the merger, the scale of the advantages are more obvious.

Grubhub in 2011 and 2012 revenues were $78 million, $119 million, $170 million, an annual growth rate of 40% – 50%; pre tax profits were 6 million, 10 million, and 40 million, doubling growth. In 2013 to achieve $1 billion 300 million in sales of water; as of December 31, 2013, the company covers 600 city’s 2.88 million restaurants, has 3 million 400 thousand active users, the average daily order processing capacity of 135 thousand and 500 last year, it is the largest online and mobile platform.

The rise of


According to

data show that Americans takeout cost $67 billion; potential online takeaway market between 85-95 billion dollars, the commission rate of up to 13%-14%; the United States has 350 thousand restaurants; takeout orders, 97% are scheduled to be completed by telephone, currently only 3% from the online ordering. The American food ordering market is huge and highly fragmented.

GrubHub.com development to the present scale, not only is the operating model played a role, but also its word-of-mouth marketing results. According to GrubHub.com founder Mi>

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