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years later, we may not remember what has been seen in "salty." Nora, but will remember in 2016 a sunny winter night in Beijing Haidian, a 80 programmer, who is known as "the most China a man", the sentence in court to throw sound: "the technology itself is not a shame".

this year’s trial, the national anti pornography office 2014 key supervise the handling, from yesterday to today, by the Beijing Haidian District court held a public hearing, the defendant is a unit of Shenzhen science and Technology Co., the defendant including Nora CEO Wang Xin high, on suspicion of the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials. The active users reached 400 million of the company, had also been a fine of $260 million.

Using the

fast unicast network instant streaming technology, allows users to jump directly to the video download link, by the player, the greatest contribution is to shorten the waiting time. Wang Xin’s wife said, the beginning we use is the thunder, is to first download to see, and Nora just 5-10 seconds to see if saving half hours per person per day calculated on the basis of Nora in the thunder to help all Chinese province for two thousand years.

, however, the authorities believe that Nora to human civilization, the risk is far greater than the time for the Chinese people to save. The prosecutor accused the defendant: "units and personnel in charge of the defendant Wang, Wu, Zhang, a cow for the purpose of profit, knowing that the player is used for network users, search, download, publish pornographic video playing situation, still to be laissez faire, resulting in a large number of pornographic video on the Internet spread."

is a classic sentence on trial

entrepreneur wants to understand the details of the minefield, need to seriously study the dialogue in the court.

prosecutor asked the case, Nora software has been used to play the user pornographic videos, this thing you know, Wang Xin said, regardless of good or bad video, the player needs to open. Wang Xin likened said Nora player like a traditional DVD, can play a variety of disc, can broadcast the users themselves, can also play the others. There may be some bad video will bypass bad keywords, if he changed his name can be passed.

counsel asked: if you can not effectively monitor the bad information, why not artificial one by one watch? Wang Xin said in response, users billions of dollars, if so, the company will not open it…

(the court also to the public security organs of the "porn appraiser" to help Wang Xin find) counsel asked appraisers: Ding officer, you have no identification of professional qualification, there is no relevant certificate to you? Expert said: post arrangement does not have the corresponding certificate file, the general arrangement is leading.

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