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            when it comes to blog pay reviews, a lot of people might be unfamiliar. In fact, this model has been in foreign countries for a long time, and it has attracted people in recent years. But the advertisement to recommend their products or promotion of certain services, to achieve a certain purpose, will find some focus on doing this special paid review after the company, these companies will be responsible for the promotion, organization of bloggers publicized on his blog, blog to meet the requirement, will get the corresponding commission.

          my first exposure to blogging marketing is the way that I love my blogging. Keen on the text of me, looking at some people’s blog began to appear some of the nature of the article, he is also very interested. Through more than a year to write pay comments, their income is still good, good truth, oh, 700 words a day or so articles, you can get a commission of 100 yuan, and the audit is generally very rapid.

          once a recent blog marketing is the most successful this year in April, is a blog marketing jointly organized by Feedsky and Shuo, call on "the Olympic torch pass in Mount Everest". Let’s ask for appropriate publicity on ASUS’s ideas and products. Holding a try attitude, I participated in this blog marketing, carefully conceived, wrote a serious article. Unexpectedly, the popularity is very high, and in the final selection of the first place, won a ASUS Eee Pc. It’s a great pleasure,

          Feedsky and ASUS through the vast number of blog word-of-mouth legend, enhance brand influence, and achieved good marketing results. And I, got the prize, this is a win-win result! As long as the effort, have a good attitude, I believe we will have harvest.

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