in the IT field, with more positive meanings of paranoia. Intel founder Andy · grove that "only the paranoid survive" saying, let a lot of people with paranoia itself, the difference is only the different word: Ren Zhengfei of HUAWEI communications is paranoia, Robin Li’s search technology paranoia, Ma Huateng is a product development manager in paranoia. In the IT industry, paranoia, persistence, persistence, and concentration are synonymous with success.

Li Mingshun recently saw Comsenz Jinshan and 360 between the slobber war, issued a sigh: not entrepreneurship and work, what is the "concentrated thoughts and even offend people" or the "micro-blog, Friendliness is conducive to business success.? Once again he cited the famous mr.. Around Zhou Hongyi paranoid survive, discuss in the scarf is quite warm, it seems that this moment will not stop at one thirty slobber war.

360 Jinshan battle background

360 is not a war of words, two years ago, Kabasiji and rising, and now hit 360 not only Jinshan, feel tired, but Yuezhanyueyong, experience more sophisticated. Let’s review this war of words and the background story first:

last week, Jinshan said, 360 upgrade new version, prompted users to uninstall Kingsoft shield, think this is "naked virus" behavior. This week, in response to 360, Jinshan network shield some filter off, alone by 360 can filter, also pointed out that "Jinshan network shield crash, slow speed, there are loopholes, difficult to uninstall", so "no longer compatible"; in the periphery, also dramatically chance events, Wang Hai sued gold hill.

Zhou Hongyi said that micro-blog and Kingsoft act undisguisedly, war two afternoon, micro-blog released the high frequency, dense enough to allow other Internet celebrities to shame. However, the author found that micro-blog content is not much, but is the PR draft articles apart, a little change into a "bib body". Some people exclaimed, Zhou Hongyi opened the micro-blog public relations precedent. And Li Mingshun also has that "only paranoid to survive" emotion.


software were removed from the circle, also wrote an article before, perhaps touches the core interests of some enterprises, now this articles into the body, not only the title content. So, I do not want to comment on who is flat, just want to understand the background I introduced to you, there are several key emphasis:

1, two antivirus software, it is difficult to coexist on another computer

            before the security software killed each other quite a lot, I have asked the security experts in many fields, whether the two antivirus software can coexist. The answer is that the two antivirus software co-exist, and the result is that they think the other party is a virus. Because antivirus software is similar to viruses, it intercepts the underlying permissions

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