with the rapid development of e-commerce, the integration of Internet marketing has become a general trend, with the emergence of a new concept of network marketing, network marketing training has become a new hot industry. In particular, the explosive growth of mobile Internet and the arrival of big data era, but also to the original fiery network marketing training industry added a fire. However, the author through the observation of the industry calmly, it is not difficult to find that there are still many unhealthy problems, and even from some point of view can be said to be astray,


problem 1: some online marketing trainers have no actual marketing experience. Although the marketing lecturer mostly banner small "connections", but careful analysis, mostly empty title, there is no practical experience in marketing line. This has led to the training process seems empty, too many theories, the actual use of dry goods is too little, no maneuverability, the theory and practice of serious separation, and even many students will inevitably listen to doze. In fact, if the students are rushing to dry cargo to the network, can find some real free to share. For example, new media marketing is the most popular, the students should go to those who are a marketing website to share, for example Chinese’s earliest and most professional micro-blog research studio micro-blog Eagle (http://s.www.wbying.com), there are a lot of through the practice of the dry cargo sharing.

question two: network marketing training, too many components of speculation, the simple reason complex, with brainwashing marketing training and publicity, and even let some students shouted "whether MLM" doubt. The author thinks that the training is mainly to seize the students do not understand the new things, through speculation to achieve miraculous effect. Since the media in the Sina micro-blog marketing, WeChat marketing, two-dimensional code marketing, seemingly mysterious fresh, actually from those who are successful in the new media marketing platform for third party to understand, but also a kind of common new media marketing on the nature of the marketing business model. For example, Sina certified professional agent elite celebrity advertising micro-blog micro-blog forward eagle, nature is a kind of high-quality resources of commercial advertising agency agency model, can also be considered to be the extension of the ordinary business model to the mobile internet.

three: the fees are reasonable? The author learned from the network, network marketing training fees from each of several hundred dollars a day to thousands of yuan a day, the industry profits between the network marketing training industry seems to be a night. Training fees are perfectly justified, but can the fees charged achieve the corresponding training effect?

Although the

network marketing training has many problems, but I believe that in the background of the rapid development of e-commerce, network marketing training as a new industry, has its natural reason, as long as the solution to the above problems, the majority of students to bring real wood material dry cargo, there is still a vast market. At the same time, as a novice who has just stepped into the Internet marketing, we should not face too much superstition and rely on the so-called training, and our own hard study and practice is the main way to get dry goods.

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