operation is the key to the continuous growth of the site. Only the detailed and unique planning and implementation of the content of the website, coupled with the necessary operations, can the website be in an invincible position in the competition.

1. Quickly enrich content for new sites,

two, to avoid copying the practical content of anti-theft method

three, content integration, production site map,

More than

content details can be found in the "Internet business success" (four): website content management and operation "reading.".

four, forum moving software quick transfer data

"three people walk the forum moving king" introduced. The software provides a corresponding version of the forum program, including support for eight mainstream forums, including procedures, we use the following for the Discuz forum software for the transfer of instructions.

1. sets the acquisition parameters

first chooses the corresponding program according to the encoding used by the forum, and directly clicks on the corresponding EXE file icon to open, and the simple interface of the software is very easy to use.

then click the "acquisition settings" button above the program, and the source page’s settings page will appear. We’ll just have to fill out the parameters according to the pictures. After the parameter setting is completed, you also need to collect and test, click the "test" button, the software will automatically read the list of Posts and the contents of the post, and if the test is successful, you can proceed to the next step.


Figure 6 forum data moving software

2. post batch acquisition

save the parameters you just set, and then go back to the software main panel. Then click on the "start acquisition" button, will pop up a forum post collection page, according to the text prompt to set the right parameters, we can post and reply batch acquisition. The acquisition speed of the software is very fast, and according to the bandwidth and the number of posts, the speed of collection will be different.

3. quick release post

post collection is completed, we can first modify and then release. The method is to enter the article management panel and modify it in the displayed Posts list and contents. When all the posts have been modified, click the save button.

then you need to set the parameters that you want to publish first. First, select the corresponding function button on the right side of the software, then fill in the parameters of the new forum according to the prompts, then save and return.

finally click on the "batch move" button in the program, fill in the appropriate post, release parameters, and finally click "start mass posting", wait a moment, the forum post will be transferred.


The collection and publishing speed and network transmission of

articles are very important

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