– mesh, look at IT’s computer learning network,

winter of 2000 is a cold winter. Because the Internet is coming with the winter of my personal career. The first round of Internet traffic was blown off and snobbish traders fled. In the winter, my personal website "computer learning network" was born, then the computer learning network is also full of static pages, pure Handmade, no independent domain name, to provide free hanging in the Sohu and china.com personal level 3 domain. When the Internet was clueless, "learning computer network" to "one hundred thousand why" the title of the FAQ questions and answers in the form of creative got good feedback: "computer learning network" in the Sohu website ranking of the "computer network" in the classification, ranking has been on the rise, then into ninth. At this point, the site toll rings, Sohu’s personal website free space canceled.

– this is the first time I’ve missed a good chance: I haven’t caught the tail of the Sohu predators, and I haven’t made any use of the computer learning network as a matter of fact. Of course, Sohu so good ranking creativity also died, lost a large number of webmaster, also lost huge business opportunities: later web site, world rankings, Adsense nets, have the original Sohu website ranking shadow.

in the "computer learning network" when the site, there is a column called "station records", is my personal records used to update the site and published personal network text. Now, this is not now popular Blog? Only at that time was Blog and the beginning of the word, my personal name is "Chi", "Web log" referred to. This is an opportunity – not as I missed? Of course "blog" is not a few people can call up, but if you can think of a "blog" website system, now should be able to version 5 of the mature.

was also in the winter of 2000, and I’ve been working on Web for 3 years. Because I have been engaged in Netware LAN maintenance and Foxpro stand-alone database development, I am very optimistic about the Internet, a worldwide and distributed form of information sharing. The Internet is the Internet. It can connect many LANs and make one information island connect to a three-dimensional information sharing platform. I do not have to sit on the bus to submit print print statements, just click the submit button on it. I’m full of anticipation and enthusiasm for the development of the Web backend database. With a programmer’s intuition, I realized that the Web development of the B/S model would be popular in the future. This time, even the enterprise website has already produced the demand of dynamic website, because a large amount of frequently released information can not be done by hand, static Html to complete. This time, I made a website backstage management system ", is now known as the" CMS "- content management system.

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