is a pseudo original, meaning very simple words, although more or less with a bit of moral shackles, but not what other ambitions, or for the purpose of feeding spiders after all, only this. Here to share in the pseudo original several steps, apply Hunan satellite TV happy girl’s slogan is: want to pseudo false, to pseudo wonderful.

the first step, read through

reading is very important, but many people neglect the pseudo original, they tend to believe that they know the original meaning, can directly write, problems can "move", so in the pseudo original before read the original, a complete waste of time. But this does not seem to be the case. Instead of "copying the author’s article", we do the pseudo original, but instead interpret the author’s language in another way". But the word itself is rich in content, except "meaning" itself, as well as the use of words, structure and style, and many other aspects. Such as the use of words, the original author often may use some pun, polysemy, express different meanings in different occasions, people should try to find the pseudo original "corresponding" pun, polysemy, this is a chore, so this needs to thinkbig and know the words in the source language in which all occasions. Said what meaning, just good choice; for example the original structure, it is likely that in the context of allusion / story, sometimes even across several chapters, if not read the original, it is easy to lose the original logical structure; so is the original style, is a pseudo, cannot become heavy; the original is serious. Cannot become insipid pseudo. Of course, reading only provides the opportunity to observe and identify other aspects of "beyond meaning", and does not guarantee that false originality can "accurately" grasp these aspects. But it is impossible to grasp it without reading it. If you want to improve your reading efficiency, you can refer to Mr. Hao Mingyi’s translation of how to read a book.

second step, pseudo original

read through and complete the layout of the original text, and then you can start writing. One of the main points of this step is to follow the prescribed order. The so-called "step-by-step" refers to the formulation of reasonable plans, in accordance with the law. Pseudo originality is a very mental activity, and long articles often take time. A do hard, not only mental fatigue, decreased efficiency, will also affect the next pseudo original passion, resulting in pseudo original decline. On the contrary, if we can maintain the condition is better and more energetic in the case of false original, not only the efficiency of protection, standards can also be maintained unity.

another major point of this step is, both nuanced, but also the overall situation, reasonable choice. Meticulous, refers to the "accurate" correspondence to the original, and overall view, refers to is not "cannot see the wood for the trees", patronize the immediate accurate keywords "corresponding", without considering the context. For example, the original text repeatedly stressed "weight loss", you can not only to weight loss as the main point of exposition, and its extended meaning is often possible to lose weight side effects, etc.

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