my station (Nanning website optimization) just a few days before hanging up, now Baidu and Google are included! But now the ranking is not very satisfactory, how to do? Oh, I started a little depressed, I see that few competitors! For me the biggest rival Baidu is ranked in the top two similar sites. Well, that’s the two of them. Let’s go and analyze it,

tell you what we are doing before SEO, the analysis is crucial, including the selection of data analysis, keyword analysis, competitive environment analysis, user experience analysis, today stresses on the analysis of the competitive environment, I will not specifically say which website, oh ~ ~ ~ please forgive, I don’t want to all enemies. (knowing than to stand here is not dangerous, get some experience, summed up a practice in the late last night you can add me.

we must first from analysis, the competition website itself: the domain name service life; how much is the site of the PR value total quantity; website page? In the mainstream search engines included the number of how many? Can calculate the search engine on its included rate; "key words and keywords density position;; Keywords, Description how to write; how the website and directory settings. These we can control and borrow, ha ha, this depends on your personal preferences.

is the second analysis of competitors outside the site include: YAHOO check how much of the website external links; external links from what place, how much is the quality; Links, spam links? Or from the news portal and so on; Alexa ranked? And we can follow the chain of their address look, may have expected some unexpected harvest oh! He is somewhere in the message a chain, you can do it! What good I would not say it

!I can

to the "stationmaster net" published the article, it is to follow my competitors in the. In this article, but also learn from competitors. In a word: learn the strengths of others, let others say,


through the above methods, basically can determine the competition website quality, some can learn from competitors, together with their level of strength, for SEO optimization, believe your station will soon have a good rankings.

era in progress, technology is constantly updated, we need to think, to practice, to find. OK, that’s all for today. Support my station: Nanning website optimization.

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