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Automotive Network officially launched in July 2nd, now has a whole week. Originally thought to be a website editor is a very easy thing, at least a very simple thing, and now found that this is not the case. There’s a lot of learning in it. I get up at about 5 every morning, get up, drink a cup of boiled water, turn on the computer, it is exactly 5 a quarter. Usually I look at the information about the major car websites, select articles that I like, or articles that are more popular. Generally reprinted about twenty to thirty articles, probably need more than an hour, so, almost six forty-five or so, I will speed up their work in the morning. Go to bed for half an hour, get up at 7 and get ready for work.

in working hours, free time, I want to do is to collect around 10 car dealers in the province every day, and help them register free membership. As well as open some stroke, in the guest to promote their own station, in order to increase popularity. At present, because the computer is not enough, and other reasons, the work carried out in this area is not very good, need further efforts ~!


there have been a lot of problems these days, summarized as follows:

, a serious shortage of the original manuscript; because of their automotive industry and automotive products for itself, knowledge is still very shallow, still do not have the ability of the original manuscript, the hope can through their own efforts, in the 99 Shandong auto line for three months, the National Day is 60th anniversary of the time, write some components of the original manuscript;

two, reprint the quantity is not too much, the quality is difficult to guarantee. Because a small time is not too long, resulting in quantity and quality can not be guaranteed; some articles in the website column classification is not too accurate;

After landing

three, website management, publish the article very slowly before 5:45, upload an article waiting for a long time; this case status until after 5:40 will be improved, not only because the site space maintenance or other


four, some reprinted articles contain hyperlinks content has not been removed, scattered site weight; some pictures reproduced does not show up, affecting the user’s subjective feelings, resulting in adverse effects to the site;

five, car market dynamics, and secondary information subtitle, word length is too long, more than 13 words, affecting the site structure;

six, used car information, dealer dynamics and other information lack of updates;

seven, the content of the website is not enough to browse, and later on the content of their own, to stand in the perspective of web users browsing analysis!!!


eight, site statistics tools, and administrative tools are not yet in use. You need to strengthen this handy application to better maintain your site!!!


Weihai 99 car network, also is our camp site, we also start a prairie fire spark sparks of fire station, station.

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