, citing an authorized local agent from Google, China, has received news that Google will leave China on April 10th. However, Google has yet to comment on the top executive.

If Google

Monday announced its withdrawal from the China, and formally evacuated China market in April 10th, then Google China will have 3 weeks to deal with him in the Chinese legacy issues, including rights, advertising agents and business clients China employee economic compensation, rehabilitation work etc.. Since a large number of websites have AdSense launched with Google, Google may still need to retain some of its manpower to deal with these subsequent issues.

believes that the majority of small and medium-sized GGAdSense owners at this time and I have the same thinking, we look forward to communicating with each other:

1, Wakatani Kama quit, is the only G.CN business exit or exit? Whether the mobile phone platform and terminal GGAdSense, GG mobile phone advertising, GG continue to consider in China through agents or distributors continue to stay in business? The small station is Google’s longtime partner, why we have not received any information from Google? Why has Google integrated many global advertising? Whether these signals can show that GGAdSense will continue to operate it in Chinese


2, Wakatani Kama quit, medium and small owners have the next step to consider their own website profit pattern for nearly a month, if you can not continue to GGAdSense advertising, we are helpless choice, the first video second Baidu union advertising alliance, reorganization or website profit pattern, such as turn to do e-commerce, differentiated service fees, or other small and medium-sized Adsense? Whether has the ability? Our site is the survival of the majority of small and medium-sized sites? Chinese, how many helpless to turn off

?3, if the

GGAdSense exit Chinese, we may finally get an advertising fee to Google in April, what will happen in the future, who can tell me? Google, other advertising alliance will become aggravated, or start with a clean slate, build brand integrity China advertising alliance? Wang Xiaobao said, the future time is Silver dear, you told me that the future is what color?!. (author Liu Tao, first stream stream selected works, reprinted, please indicate the source)

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