Abstract: entrepreneurial company, no money no no resource to kill out of the tight encirclement to see blood knife. Hungry, you often come out and push the friction of other people, at least a little bit, this is really a bunch of people to do the trick. In such an attitude to work, how far will the success of



a lot of well-known Internet entrepreneurs are highly respected Mao Zedong thought, this list is very long, the most famous than ma.

Ma Yun

of Mao Zedong thought is an important understanding, the essence of Mao Zedong thought is down to earth, unity can unite people to do together. Many media have such a record, in the start-up phase of the Alibaba, from 2001 to 2003 is the most difficult three years, Ma implemented over the Mao Zedong type of management movement. Ma Yun believes that the "Mao movement" is the most effective for enterprise management reform. "Yanan rectification movement" to unify the value, unity of ideal, Ma said: "through the movement, not with our common values, no common sense of mission, were expelled from our company." The Anti Japanese military and Political University "training cadres team management ability, the training of sales staff to customers" Nanniwan pioneers "in the face of the concepts, methods and techniques. Ma Yun said: "the ordinary enterprises think, may be able to see 5 yuan customers in pocket money, and the pursuit of the" Nanniwan pioneers "to help customers put 5 dollars into 50 dollars, then took 5 dollars from what we deserve."

who is going to implement the thought of Mao Zedong, Ma Yun’s approach is to set the political commissar, political commissar let to do ideological work, to mobilize. I believe that Ma has done everything in order to perform two words.

great strategy if it is empty talk, it can only become a joke.

often encounter such entrepreneurs, so that the hunt to help find the king to find financing, but not willing to disclose the idea, the reason is afraid of ideas to let others know. As everyone knows, this is the world’s most worthless is the idea that the world thousands of people, you can think of someone else can think of ideas. You can’t think of an idea. After the success of a start-up company, but also often hear such emotion, so I thought I would like to do so, the problem is, why don’t you do it?

example is too much.

typical as thousands of war, a business the same, there are tens of thousands of start-up companies do, finally won the beauty! What is beauty group can achieve victory by Wang Xingna’s money? No more than others, but also recruit people less than others, but still won the last. A "spell" word, that is the implementation of. In 2010, in a coffee shop, Zhang Yingliao and I, he asked me, do you think which buy site to win the high probability?. A beautiful picture of the outflow of the United States so far I remember. Wang Xingzhan in a table made of the platform, and the management of business performance, Taiwan Wang expression excited, the following staff group.

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