a good website has a good space first, which is one of the key issues that you need to decide on many issues. Now, there are a lot of hosts, some are famous, and many are rubbish. Choosing a good host will save you a lot of problems, but if you come across a garbage broker, it’s a nightmare.

then, if you choose a good space,


you can use the following point of view as a reference for choosing a good host:

1. online time guarantee: select online rate of more than 99.9%, in fact, no company can guarantee 100% of the online rate, but at least in more than 99.5%.

2. space and traffic: do not believe the so-called "infinite space" and "unlimitedbandwidth", usually you will find their "unlimited" in some aspects is limited, suggest that you can solve this problem under the space business consulting.


3. Technology: the webhosting provides 7 days, 24 hours of service? Can quickly solve your problems? A good host should know how to solve any of your problems, usually within 24 hours.

4. control panel: can you manage the host easily and quickly, and some host vendors provide demos that you can experience before you buy.


5. domain name allows you to add numbers: if you want to do more than one station on a host, you need to know the parameters of the host provider and see if there is an extra charge.

6. free domain name: pay special attention to those who provide free domain name hosting business, to confirm whether the domain name really belongs to you. For example, you no longer use their host, you can continue to use, or can you transfer to another domain name merchant?.

7. price and renewals: not to say that the more expensive the host is the best host, but the price is a must. Pay attention to renew the price, some host is the first year of second years of super expensive cheap.

8. payment and refund guarantee: many of the host offers to purchase a year or more long-term preferential policy, if you want to save money, you can buy for a long time, but suggest that you look to see their money back guarantee, a good host should also be the shortest in more than 30 days. Also pay attention to renew the automatic deduction problem, remember not to cancel the service expires.

9. space parameters: this proposal, we all understand the relevant space providers, especially pay attention to, if your program has special requirements, it is recommended before buying and communication with space providers.

10. review: you can do a search before you buy and get an estimate of what others are using.

generally speaking, I believe you can choose a good host by using the above view.

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