yesterday and the friend inadvertently talked about the thunderbolt, download software, friends do not know what is the user experience, do not understand the UE design of this term, but we all agreed about the thunder in a problem on the user experience.

is the case, friends say, he want to download a 20 episode TV series, because you want to download a few sets, so when you select the file download task to select only 10 sets, downloading 10 sets, download task is completed, a friend wanted to download the rest, so in the re open the download seeds, just choose the remaining 10 sets, you have a problem, the thunder tip: you download task already exists, re download will delete the original.

is generally a concern, click OK, will my original 10 set delete? My friend is like that, so I put the original download task, the trash all empty, finally to insurance, the original download a good move to another place, this dare to start the download.

the problem I have encountered before, I think this is actually, the thunder is designed in such a way that that is in the same file download will delete tasks inside the file if different, won’t do any operation. Friends said he was not sure of this situation, nor dare to risk, and worked hard to download, and accidentally, it will be too late to regret. It’s about the point, about the user experience. The obvious question, the thunder makes users have panic, had some knowledge of computer or who will understand the design, but the user experience should not allow users to leave more space to think, especially in the face of the most users will be some of the software on the computer is absolutely ignorant of groups, they use a product that will only do some default operation, do not want to think, do not want to judge. So we are talking about the user experience, the user is really a fool to design products, there are best not what things let the user get ready to accept either course, no idea, confused, it is failed……..

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