a few days ago, our company has handled several business transactions, and then we will analyze the problems between these exchanges.

this article describes how our company is dealing with these customers and units

our company is a new start-up company, the main business is the construction of Heze website, e-commerce promotion and some other technology products. And attached to the government bidding project. Because we are just graduated from college, not to do not understand things we encountered problems and many problems, then I write them down so tell me what you know ~


four graduated, I took over the construction site a talent center, the customer due to collapse of the company, want to recover from me for my money website design. In this regard, the customer used the next three indiscriminate means, I do not know where to get my parents’ phone, called to say I cheated, cheated him 2000 yuan. My father ordered that the money should be paid back first.

The biggest problem is the

the client did not think I can contact with his company, with his company that initial contact: he said he was with his company to talk about the price is 3200 yuan, plus 500 yuan each month, editor of the website cost, I gave him the total price is 2300 yuan. After the completion of the full payment of the whole paragraph, because when he said the company is not convenient, hit 2000 to me.


has been involved in the family, I can only step back, after all they are three excessive manipulation, step back and we are doing business as boundless as the sea and sky, and take a step as boundless as the sea and sky.

the next thing to do is this:

the refund must be refunded, but I’m not sure who to return it to the client. The company is definitely looking for me. To the company, that customers under three indiscriminate tactics, not harassment of my family every day, parents


asked his company to contact him first, and then let his company know he was asking me for a refund. Then let him settle inside the company.

questions are eventually answered and refunded to the customer. So far, problem solving,

, there are pictures, there is truth ~ ~


, the next customer who the next all sorts of strange things,? Gaoping road

sugar cake!

the customer is very interesting, in our Heze Commodity City, we find the Heze site of the company, then a friend to contact our company, the friends under the cruel must be pumped into it, the customer first payment pumping There is not much left.

finished, and after a lot of twists and turns, dealing with pictures and the like. The end of the paragraph, the problem appears. The customer said the family had a lawsuit and temporarily closed the site. Then the company will wait, ah, and so on, and so on, thanks to all the flowers, the lawsuit finished, the customer said the site does not do… We pay for the effort. All for naught. The tail.

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