site friends generally go through three stages, can smooth past, is the success of the webmaster.

the first stage is the new period.

now the domain name records management is strict, possibly manages the website to have the difficulty, before manages the website to be supposed to be very convenient. So, there are many interested in doing web site friends, buy a domain name and space, after the success of the record, the site was established. Because it is new station, these webmaster for what is very curious, also every day to search engine to see their website collection and ranking, Chen Zhongping in many webmaster class website often see these people’s footprint. These webmaster is also very diligent, often consult others, and some still looking for master, for some promotion of words and means are also full of interest. It can be said that in their own efforts, the growth of the site to the webmaster brought a lot of joy.

the most annoying mistake at this stage is not careful, impatient, and good deeds. Not careful can be reflected in the post above, Chen Zhongping found that when some friends post, the content is repeated, the format is wrong. Post also need packaging and beauty, first of all give a good impression, others will like your web site. When there is a little achievement, can be happy and proud, but who is wrong.

The second stage of the

is repetition.

has done the website friend all knows, the website is a long-term matter, new stationmaster starts when is gives own website to make the rank, does the flow, makes the weight, may say that pays the end of the brain. And other sites have their own traffic, there are weights when you can relax yourself?. Because the website needs to be maintained, if not maintained, the ranking of the website will be dropped. This time, want to improve the status of the site, some webmaster feel that their ability is limited, this is the bottleneck encountered development.

in this period of time, some owners began to confusion and hesitation, began to consider what is not suitable for the website, in this confused mood, some website quality began to decline, some owners will choose to go to other areas of development.

, be sure to calm down during the period of repetition. Try to analyze your own difficulties and solutions, and ask more friends. Chen Zhongping, a good friend of Liang Wenzhong, said, "be cool and careful.".

The third stage of

is stable development.

the stationmaster who arrives at this stage can be said to be the winner. A man of perseverance and brains is not afraid of difficulties. They have their own firm belief, in the event of difficulties in the development of the site, can be flexible, so that their web site healthy and orderly development.

I can talk about the 2 teachers here.

one is Mou Changqing, and I often go to his blog to study. At first, Mu teacher was not directly engaged in the computer network industry. He worked for a natural gas company and was well paid, but mu teacher thought

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