today around to see an article "Dong Qinfeng inadvertently: personal hero has gone to the webmaster can change" Dong Qinfeng is behind the founder of the forum, the individual stationmaster is the Senate! He said in this article: now the team cooperation is the inevitable trend, it is unlikely to have personal heroes. I agree with him, but it’s hard for an individual owner to build his own startup team. Has its own problems such as personal capacity (leadership skills, management skills), personal habits (irregular, procrastination is inefficient), personal character (the majority of individual stationmaster introverted, shy, communication ability is not strong, and the external environment) problems such as team members, may be convenient places to management, no chance of difficulties to know more talents in all aspects. So how to build their own personal webmaster team should pay attention to those problems, listen to me explain.

first: you must determine the target

1, if you don’t even know your specific goals, that person would like to do a plane that doesn’t know where to fly.

2, if you have a clear goal and an executive plan to achieve the goal, you can get to know every link of the plan.

second: pick team members

it’s hard to pick people who can help you achieve your goals, and you may eventually find out that the people you pick aren’t the right ones. You may not find it at first, but after a period of time, something unexpected will have to be done. In the process, attempts and mistakes are inevitable, but choosing a qualified team member has two core elements, and if you catch it, you can find the right team member


1, the ability to work, not to personal preferences, friends to choose team members, select the right person, enter the right position, can greatly improve efficiency.

2, harmonious with others, the ability to do something without harmony will offset the efficiency of the team, you must remove the team in any disharmony, now is not to advocate a harmonious society? Members shall collect the wisdom of each other without reservation, personal ambition (including your own ambition), must subordinate to a team under the common goal.

third: Penny

wealth is the biggest attraction to team members. Who wants to be busy?. You should be fair and generous in allocating among the team members the most influential and motivating element – wealth. Listen to an Internet cattle said: want to team stability, more money. Words are thick and rough. The more generous you are, the more you can get more help from team members. Such as Ma Yun’s "Eighteen Rohan" followed him for ten years, and now there is work together. The Baidu founders were gone, and Robin Li was the only one left. Tencent’s four King Kong are still there. Users can check the ownership structure of the three companies themselves

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