stands for more than a year, this is the first time I Wen, I do not know is not soft, I am not what master, I just concentrate on the station, now I take my stand more than a year of little share out, hope to give you some reference, or you can give me some advice.

I do is just a coincidence, I had just transferred to the website of this industry, I do website, what are not very understanding, we have several websites, there are also responsible for the website promotion, so I also have little contact with this. Once inadvertently online to see the free source code, and then down, that is a classified information source code, ASP program, access database, interface is fairly refreshing. I would like to play with the mentality to do this station, so I learned SEO just can practice the next.

I was in Guangxi Nanning, in Guilin, the site located in what place? There is a Guilin life network is already famous in Guilin, the small city, if I do in Guilin should be very difficult to have a share, after all, my website program is no what special. Then I understand the Nanning side of the site, Nanning also has a space network, the same is also very popular, but he is a forum for information is not very convenient, the information is not in chronological order, but according to the latest post arrangement, this would also difficult to find the latest information, the total it is not very convenient. Second Nanning is still relatively large, population, should be able to point at the same site traffic, are not many, and they are half-dead state, 58 city classified information network, and other national market also is not in the front row, so I put my site location in Nanning.

on the Internet to find a space provider, registered domain name (this makes me depressed for a long time, the space is unstable, often can not open the site, and later changed a good point). The site is called Nanning life information network, and the domain name is all set. Do this kind of website, important information, new station is certainly oneself to find information to release, so every day to other people’s website looking for information, slightly change, put on your website. The beginning is very excited, after all, they have a website of their own, like Falun Gong as fascinating (oh, exaggerated), every day to see traffic, see included, soon my keyword in front, from traffic to dozens, Baidu snapshot is the 2 Monday times. Let me excited about it. I don’t know Baidu index. The key words are my own imagination, then know that is not a popular word, can quickly row in front of a very normal, learned later this thing, a good analysis of the key words, and then re adjust the adjustment of key words, 20 days after reincluding. And then began to do outside the chain, Baidu to know to answer a question with your own links, so the 2 regular, 3, not too frequent, that can be K (now Baidu know is very strict, is made to keep the blog message), plus.

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