with the popularity of the Internet, online shopping gradually recognized by people, especially young people, online shopping has basically become the main way of shopping. Online shopping crowd increased, online shopping type of website also grew, after all, the market determines supply and demand, there is demand will naturally supply. At present, the types of shopping sites in various forms, a variety of purposes, aimed at online shopping groups to provide more rich, more diverse options.

the author in Baidu enter "shopping website", relevant search result has 63200000 unexpectedly, so much search result and shopping website should how to choose?. When users select the shopping network is mainly on account of what standards? What kind of shopping website can satisfy the user, retain customers, and achieve the conversion rate? Although many shopping sites, but the site is difficult to make a choice uneven in quality. Neither for the user nor for the operators of the site. For users, it is difficult to find satisfactory shopping sites, for the operators of the site, did not find potential consumer groups.

stationmaster net admin5.com dream Jiang thinks, shopping website is to provide service for the client, the satisfaction of the client can realize the profit of the website, ability shows the value that the website exists. Therefore, from the user’s point of view to consider the design of the site, the type of goods, good user experience in order to retain customers, in order to realize the profitability of the site.

first of all, shopping websites need to give the user a sense of trust.

shopping websites, as the name suggests, is the buying and selling of goods. Any website to achieve the sale of goods, home to let users trust your website. If a shopping network in order to give people a false impression, talk about business, talk about what interests? Although taobao.com into brush the credibility of the "integrity gate" incident, but we can’t deny that the seller credit evaluation way taobao.com early indeed provide consumers a recognition and understand the seller’s channels, increase consumer trust in the seller site, so as to realize the commodity transaction. Although many shopping networks are beautifully designed and rich in products, the credibility of the website is not enough, and it is difficult for users to recognize it. It is very difficult for them to make profits. This is the most shopping website problems, and if this problem is solved, I believe that the probability of site transactions will be greatly improved.

Jingdong mall www.360buy.com/ believe that everyone is not strange, since 2004 set foot in e-commerce, the site has been the user’s attention and recognition, registered users have more than 2 million 500 thousand. The website is very simple to do, give people a sense of trust, simplicity is not fancy, nature can increase the user’s sense of trust, retain users, the final transaction. With the development over the past few years, Jingdong mall has gradually become an important way for Chinese consumers to buy 3C products.

secondly, shopping websites need perfect payment methods.

buying and selling of goods naturally exists in the transaction of money, and the question of how to pay is a matter of concern to consumers. If the site does not have >

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