before I run website to products, electricity supplier websites, such as storage shelves, clothing, such as purchasing, before contact with a number of service websites, personal websites for social contact is not much, can be said to know nothing, but the only dynamic workplace social networking site based on social as the main purpose. With the recruitment sector, for the flow of people and activity requirements are relatively high, for me is not a small challenge. Prior to taking over the site, I did some work on the industry and the web itself. Next, share some of the problems encountered in the work and solutions, and discuss with you.

first, I according to the operation experience of the existing resources and data collection and analysis, mapping and analysis of behavior of the target population and the existing marketing channels and analysis team equipped, understand these situations is to understand the situation, to find a breakthrough.

after analysis, the existing problems are: 1, the website itself structure is not perfect, there are several plates to be supplemented, and the content is not rich enough, in addition to the position that there is no killer for users to stay. Second, the website viscosity is not high, customers are difficult to form interaction, lack of active customer guidance. In fact, there is a circle of the plate, which is a social role, but because of the social is for the workplace, but also is the PC side, and there is no gravity resource value, so did not play its due role; of course, all aspects of the site data, PV, UV does not look good. In fact, according to the site’s current user volume, if it can be active, it should still have a connotation of a site. So, the current priority should be shifted to the user experience, rather than blindly invite registration.

integrated above the situation, I set two goals, one is to enhance the user experience, and the two is the promotion of brand awareness. Brand awareness needs to rely on marketing to do, the website structure is not yet perfect based on the percentage of SEO and SEM, I will be set to 80% and the proportion of 20%, mainly to carry out free expansion of the channel, later this proportion will be reversed, adjusted to 30% and 70%, over about 1 years after the site accumulated to users a certain goal, completely weakened SEM, all turned to SEO. And the promotion of user experience requires product and design cooperation, to create a social based, recruitment and job search as a multi-functional platform.

has a goal, then the implementation of each target, the need for detailed implementation plan.

in the early stage of operation, for the user experience, my request is to a large number of existing users of resources, mobilize the enthusiasm, to allow them to participate in various sections of the site, such as interactive entertainment circle, workplace testing, dating activities, and learning the free education sector, and enterprises to participate in the cooperation expand the project and so on. With plenty of plate support, then the planning and operation team will be required to analyze existing users and develop detailed incentives for business purposes

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