this article is the Taobao League rules change for Taobao guest influence series article eighth, mainly for the April 2, 2014 around the union background update data commentary.

extended reading:

currently, the background of the alliance has been completed the replacement of the old and new versions, the Taobao alliance background, mainly data reports have undergone some changes, as follows:

1. unify each statement data statistics standard

such as the original effect report "estimated earnings estimate for the order to pay" the Commission, after the upgrade report "estimated earnings" orders for the consumer to confirm receipt of the Commission, we can help more accurate assessment of earnings. At the same time, increase the "payment pen" field, marking the amount of orders to promote payment, through this field, we can estimate, such as location adjustment, traffic changes after the promotion.

in addition, the TANX version of the report will, Tao guest, the wireless Association and click on the estimated revenue effect data completely separated from other product lines will no longer be included in the guest’s report system.


2. optimize report structure

optimize the report structure, according to the main platform of the promotion of products, different promotion products provide different effects, statements, statistics.

such as: self-help promotion, component promotion, channel promotion, micro shopping guide promotion and other


3. looks at the promotion from the media dimension

can understand the promotion from the media dimension according to different media types and different media screening. Such as: Statistics shopping guide in QQ promotion, micro-blog promotion situation.


4. view promotion from product dimension

can view the promotion effects of different products and different promotion sites, such as self promotion, promotion in A and promotion of B.


5. from the order number of pens to see the promotion situation

estimated earnings from the original date of payment into the settlement amount on the same day, the data is essentially reduced, because in the old version, without income, also has the "income data yesterday", therefore, this revision is equal to, less expected a total amount of money of the day.

that day, there are also lost, and compared with the past, this revision more than a payment pen, what is the role of this data?


action 1: determine whether the extended bit code layout is valid or not,

as we all know, the current data report of the Taobao alliance, for real-time display orders, only Taobao promotion details, >

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