I am a graduating college student. The financial crisis this year has made me face the risk of losing my job before I graduate. See some friends have joined the ranks of the webmaster, began his own road of entrepreneurship. Without taking into account how much investment does not need, I also believe in this aspect of hobbies and their slightly learned site construction technology, joined the ranks of the webmaster, began his own website career.

is the beginning of all things, I on the site are not very understanding, but look at the friend’s website to learn to ask, I also know a lot. I learned to design and optimize the website, through webmaster nets, I saw some about the new tutorials and website optimization article, in the slow study and specialized research, my website began to go on the right track.

I insist every day to update the site’s article, to take the initiative to find some high PR value of the same site links, although they are sometimes rejected, but there are still some Adsense very enthusiastic help to grow new. Gradually, I began to get started with the construction and optimization of the website, and the traffic of my website began to increase, and the homepage of the website began to be collected by Google, and then it was Baidu.

looked at his standing in his efforts to grow a little, my heart really is sweeter than honey is wiped, thinking of what one day will become a man like Ma Yun, at least your station can grow slowly, the famous. With such dreams, I do not stop efforts. We all know that when the station is a hard thing, every day around your site busy, sometimes even have time to eat, but looking at your site included a little growth, their keywords is more on the Google ranking before, think these things should be. Is a sweet burden.

, that is, in recent, my PR value and many sites, as well as growth, from 1 to 3. While happy, I still update my website every day and go to various forums and QQ groups to promote my website. With their weight and flow increase, but also make many novice webmaster come and I do link, think about their original situation, I also enthusiastically accept similar new sites. My income has also begun to increase slowly, more than the students every day nine to five work, see the boss’s face to get a lot of wages. I thought I was successful in the official career site would like to return to school, and mentees talk about their own business after, also a scenery.

but all dream when I began to burst, passion is a pot of cold water suddenly extinguished. I recently heard some Adsense in the webmaster online websites have been black, is linked to the horse. I think such a thing and he is very far, but when I open my computer every day and like to check my site, I found my site is linked to the horse, I quickly found is not only the home page, all pages I have all been linked to horse.

many webmaster know the website linked to horse, harm to a website is how big, their struggling.

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