a lot of SEOer in the most important traffic to the site to do the work is to mining keyword, which can have a higher ranking in SE, so as to achieve the purpose of flow can earn, say, what to do, how to select the appropriate keyword keyword is extremely important for a website. So, what should we pay attention to when choosing keywords? How to choose a good keyword,


1, if you have the qualifications and ability to do as much as possible to key words. For example, the "free space", this word in Google single month approximately average search volume is about 1220000, can be said to be a hot word, such as the Tiger wing net free space channel http://s.club.51.net, only the word "free space", every day from SE to traffic has reached tens of thousands; and those who are keywords cold, even if your station can be routed to the baidu or Google home position every day is not a few IP, because people rarely after all.

2., if you make the keyword unpopular, then you need to win by quantity. For example, the words "fortune tellers", this word in Google single month in roughly the average search volume is only more than 5000, relatively it is relatively cold, in Google search "MB Arithmancy", although I http://s.www.521yy.com/sm/cezi.asp this page on the front page of the row second, but one day to flow is 30 A IP. But if a station has a large number of pages in the relatively cold words in a good position, then add up the flow is substantial; imagine if one of your information station or novel station has 100 thousand pages, and 5 thousand pages you can arrange to SE in the top position then add up, at least a month there are hundreds of thousands of IP, ha ha.

3., if it is a professional station, you can find some relatively small competition keywords to do. In fact, there are a lot of keywords search is very much, but the corresponding site is relatively small, competition is not big. For example, some agricultural products, words, chemical terms, etc., this keyword you need to seriously dig ~~

then I’d like to talk about how to finalize the keywords that fit you:

The first step of

: statistical data to analyze your website, such as cnzz, 51.la and other statistical systems, have search engine keyword antecedents, antecedents to such very detailed, we want to do is to carefully study, according to the statistical data in recent weeks or in recent months to choose their own should do with those keywords


second step: Sogou search in their choice of good keywords, and then use Sogou related search for reference. Or check with the Baidu index: http://s.index.baidu.com finally determines which keyword you want to make, and then what you want to do

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