year offensive section of the smoke just scattered, the major electricity supplier website is the size of portal platform have experienced a round of overwhelming promotion and all kinds of great variety of operation promotion activities.

see some colorful activities page, with some mature experience related articles recently read and their participation in activities since the application center page design, summarizes some experience about the small active page design, on the occasion of the festival (Ang =_=?), hoping to throw some bricks and exist together with everybody looking for. Jade.

active page brief

event page, as its name suggests, is a page that carries various forms of festival promotions, promotions, marketing, product launches, etc., and forms and contents are also varied. The typical static event page usually use header banner+ title with entrance display form, mainly in the visual processing background, banner and title font to heighten the overall atmosphere; now more and more activities page will be added to the game interesting and interactive way, using flash form to show, this year TMALL meow planet grab red is an excellent example of.


in fact, no matter what kind of active page, when we disassemble and analyze it, we will find that the information displayed in the page can not escape the following seven kinds:

1. active heading

2. activities entrance 3. activities prizes / merchandise display

4. event participation

5. valid time

6. award winning information

The layout of the active page is the key to how the

7. activity rules are properly distributed and to display all of the above information in the best possible way on the page.

one. Make full use of the first screen, display the core information


proposal is the first screen will convey the core content to the user, the 2011 Jakob Neilsen study showed that users will be more than 80% of the attention on the first screen spent browsing content, especially the call-to-action button on the first screen or the second screen, the conversion rate of the huge difference. For the active page, the most important core contents are four:

1. what activities? – activities theme

what time is it? –


3. what are the prizes (offers / benefits) – incentives, discounts, prizes, shows,

?How does

4. participate in activities? – participation in entrance

· this is the content of the active screen’s first screen (of course, considering the size of the screen, the prize merchandise)

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