in my personal opinion, can be divided into four stages: 1: site planning; two: website production; three: adhere to wait; four: success or failure. In the age of CMS today, the stage of web production is often very fast, unless you write your own programs. Register domain name, Download CMS system, debug, install, optimize the code, put the initial content, generally one or two days can be done.

fourth phase is also very fast, successful, the maintenance time is not much, and generally do very pleasant. Relying on a web site, a month to get tens of thousands of 10, on the network is not a big surprise, although I did not take it (say a little sweat ah) unsuccessful, put it there, regardless of.

I think the most time consuming is website planning and the stage of waiting. Today, talk about some of the problems and difficult decisions to choose when planning your web site.

profit model is to rely on advertising or selling products?

by advertising, whether it is Adsense or join the League site, is undoubtedly the most relaxed, but requires large amounts of traffic. Sell your own products or services, there are a number of traffic can be, easy to generate sales and profits. But we must take into account the customer service, logistics, team, company operations and a series of problems.

How about the content of the


?It is ideal for

to create or build an editorial team for itself, and it is easy to build a trusted domain name and brand. The disadvantages are obvious, and the cost is quite high. By collecting, reproduced, the site has been big, you can consider, the initial is not easy, unless the people do very, very skilled, but also in line with effective promotion. This is the ideal situation for users to generate content on the Web2.0 web site. The question is, what motivates you to generate content? A genius idea is not easy to produce.

CMS system or entirely manual station,


CMS systems are open source, free, powerful and unlimited extensibility. But it takes time to be familiar with the templating system, the plug-in. Software upgrades can be a bit of a hassle at times, not to mention that most of the CMS system’s page elements are not fully controlled. Their own site, manual station, time-consuming and laborious, basically not possible to make big sites, but can be completely controlled.

is there a market with high competition or low


enters the competition high market, difficult, the cycle is long, the risk is high, once succeeds, the benefit is also high. Low competition, easy to do, less income. The most unfortunate situation is that the market competition is low, because there is no profit.

these are all problems that must be faced when planning a website. Although the question is raised, I do not have a solution to the problem, which way is entirely personal. I wonder if there is the best solution. From interest or profit potential,


does it all his life

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