in our real life, we will encounter a lot of things unpredictable, but often choose between man and man and the final decision is not the same! Some people strong survive, while some people halfway and fees, then even then chose to give up. So I suppose, what were they giving up,


May 12, 2008, 8 earthquake occurred in Sichuan Wenchuan China, sudden hit disaster to people’s life has brought great inconvenience, a fresh life in ruins buried, a hero to find survivors capable of evoking praises and tears in the ruins, they did not give up, they chose to move forward and adhere to, but also have some people may choose to give up, "fanpaopao" at that moment the earthquake hit, leaving his students alone chose to escape. Now there are many media reports on the matter of right and wrong, then we put aside his behavior right and wrong, we just look at this issue from the view of ethics, he can be, he can be a good father, but he is not a good son, it is not a good teacher, in other words he now has not qualified to be a teacher, because he gave up his responsibility and his duties.

when a person gives up the responsibility he has, it means giving up everything before him. Our work is the same, can not easily talk, depressed and so many failures, blocking your view, this opportunity may be important to you is not, but there are a few opportunities for you? There are a few opportunities for you? Too many people who need to work, too many people who need help and when we get a job, we want to not give up, but how to do a good job, conscientious, respect his choice, do their own responsibility. Responsible for you and me, he is very important for any one person, because the responsibility can lead you forward, responsibility can make you do a really useful person for the society, for yourself, for others to create an unimaginable honor you.

also confirmed their responsibility weightier than Mount Tai, responsibility is Taishan in Taishan. Don’t give up easily,


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