looked at me in a Baidu China venture has been alone in home, the heart of the helpless indescribably depressed ~! I think I this station is not garbage station, is I spent a lot of effort, there are many articles are written in my own, I don’t want to do what the garbage station, just want to put this station well, as the industry’s well-known website. I’m content, but that’s what Baidu is…… I wonder if I entered the Baidu sandbox. Not quite like, individual keywords ranking extremely high ~~

is speechless………………….

because those words rank higher, someone asks me if I have 5kip, I want to say actually. 500 hasn’t arrived yet. It’s miserable. A serious blow, I do stand self-confidence and passion. See their station visits chug go up, and I had to slow down, there is a kind of chronic Dutch act feeling, oh, No. It’s slowly being killed,


then I want to make some changes, although I don’t know if this change will work.

1. before I have a site above the marquee text, now canceled. It is said that a lot of mass destruction, kill one thousand, since the loss of the eight hundred kind, please be careful to use. I canceled it.

2. to strengthen the original degrees, all the more or less tinkering. It won’t be totally copy! You’ll have to add a domain name like http://s.www.chuangyezg.com to the domain name.

3., at the bottom of the original site, I placed all the columns of the connection, there is a keyword density to strengthen the suspect, in fact, I was not intended to strengthen the density, but added the column, I do not know how to find the address. I’m still stupid!


4. directly to Baidu cooperation, apply for Baidu alliance. Unfortunately, the application for a Baidu search out, Baidu theme promotion, said my content does not meet the requirements. I’m sweating. I suspect that the flow is not enough reason, previously remember someone said so, did not pay attention at that time. Now think back, there’s the possibility.

5. changes the add time, which was added in the morning, or added at night, once a day. Now basically updated 3-4 times a day. Add 2 articles in the morning and 2 at noon. In the afternoon, I’ll add a few.

6. adds a 2W multi link sitemap.xml.. To my sweat… Very large. How many m


7. looking for better external connections, it was suggested that I mass, I think about it. Just forget it.. Artificial hair will be fine, the machine should also be harmful to mass.

almost made the adjustment. More than a week has passed, and then experience the so-called Baidu big update, found that their work done above for the time being, there is no effect, may be a little shorter time. Intend to stick to it,.

though >

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