Alibaba stocks listed on the first day of last year has hit a record, with more than 30% higher than the issue price of the opening price of Alibaba, the market value of more than American business tycoon Amazon and eBay two companies total market capitalization. At that time, compared to the success of a grand landing for the NYSE Alibaba, when the trend is far weaker than the U. S. stock market, Amazon’s role is quite delicate.

but in the past six months, Amazon has successfully raised its share price from $284 recently to $452.65, up about 59.38%.

, and behind this, to the eastern United States on June 26th at the closing price of the day, Amazon’s market capitalization of $203 billion 447 million, compared with the market value of $205 billion 286 million Alibaba day is almost the same.

just for Amazon, the successful lifting of the main momentum of the stock price does not seem to come from the electricity supplier business.

The imagination of

cloud services

Key file

in September last year, the export volume of listed Alibaba, although in the actual business, the Alibaba has not directly extend tentacles to the United States, but for investors and the capital point of view, the board of directors of the Alibaba chairman Ma Yunhe Amazon founder and CEO Geoff · Bezos (Jeff Bezos) seems to have become a real opponent.

was the market reaction is generally in order to meet the IPO of Alibaba, a number of investment institutions is likely to sell the same type of American electricity supplier stocks, in order to avoid excessive exposure in a single plate, unfortunately coincided with the Amazon Alibaba belonging to the same plate.

after six months now, Ali and Amazon are more willing to talk about the electricity supplier in the U.S. stock market story.

said in addition to become the hope of U.S. small businesses to sell products to the China ally, Ma Yun, founder of Alibaba distinction in a speech in New York also has compared the Alibaba and Amazon, Amazon is a shopping site, people know what to buy what; Alibaba is a way of life, people get a surprise and experience.".

coincidentally, MA in the United States to expand the influence of Alibaba at the same time, Amazon is doing the same thing in china.

in June 25th, the U. S. embassy commercial office and Chinese Amazon announced that the two sides will establish a strategic partnership to jointly promote the development of trade between China and the United States, especially the United States from the United States to provide more small and medium-sized enterprises of goods for consumers Chinese. Prior to this, Amazon also signed a global framework agreement with the U.S. Department of Commerce and the International Trade Administration (ITA), the first country in China to implement the agreement.

only, insiders pointed out that today’s Amazon is more like a technology company, rather than the traditional electricity supplier enterprises, including Amazon

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