about 7 months before the start of the ranks of the most contact webmaster, started from the 5d6d free forum, did not know what is, all day long soak in your forum this research, the research! DZ has gradually thorough research, at the same time that there is a thing called content management when found with other 5d6d owners to communicate, so he began to study the Dede, PHP, asp· · · · · a few months down, basically the thorough study, when looking back, although I have mastered these so-called technology, but how my popular forum or not see


has been plagued by this problem, every day to see the Admin5 webmaster to write about their how to promote their own station, how to step up the find to talk about the most is SEO, and later studied at SEO, his estimate is not the technology, the forum has been are all dead……. Every time admi5 see if you can find a real way to save me, so after about several weeks, until one day a 5d6d webmaster and I QQ, I helped him find a record (often for some 5d6d webmaster), submit the record after his initiative and I chatted the.. He took his stand to look at me, is to do a stock · · to pay no attention to · feel the stationmaster that order · even the friendship connection plus how to ask me! Then he asked me to help him with a management background, it is also called a dish, not a completely optimization, pure is his thought of what to write what (web address or Kang Sheng wrote the creators) gradually to the webmaster Speechless, but always find me, and did not help, one day down at the front page update theme 400+ 1500+ post, how is it possible? The first reaction is his own brush. But look carefully studied do not know, are normal post members communicate! It makes me wonder · a what all don’t know how to do is webmaster of this step? So in Riga station YAHOO Statistics (before He does not even know the statistics), one day down, actually have 200+ independent IP, 3000+ PV (for the Admin5 master, this is nothing, but for a master who does not understand anything, it is very violent). Another analysis, this station has built less than 10 days, the webmaster what technology do not understand, Baidu did not included, what is this "garbage" station to do this step,


analysis of its content, this station is all in the discussion of stocks, and he chatted to know, he is actually a stock analyst (relatively high estimate of that kind).. This time it was the establishment of the station to see light suddenly, have decided not to do so. Proficiency in a particular line, the forum, a forum for navigation is now under construction in Tansho>

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