before the webmaster nets published in "the following three city how to operate the classification website", the majority of owners enthusiastic support, according to the own experience further summarized, hope to help the webmaster.

1, must do the site planning: many webmaster have to follow the trend of habit, what they do, what he would do, and this is a combination of, and that is the integration of the concept of Web2.0, basically everything, give people the feeling is very messy, site planning is the orientation of the website, website, website target user the service, website profit pattern, if this step is not good, said later basically gone!

2, you must carefully choose the domain name space: if you want to put your website to become bigger and stronger,.Com is a must, otherwise you are helping others to play the brand, unique and easy to remember domain name only can, like my site. Space at the beginning, as long as the virtual host, you can reduce costs, profit later, you can consider using an independent server.

3, must plan the website column: read a lot of webmaster classification website, the interface is very atmospheric, hundreds of columns, seems to want to do the boss. But its content, but found to have copied from other stations; or column is empty, or collected, the user came and went away. In fact, I think the classification station should be more concise, the column should be deleted to delete, the merger on the merger, the amendment will be modified, we must highlight localization. I like the site inside the column, a total of only dozens, convenient update, save time and effort, but also from the user point of view, he will publish your website frequently updated and valuable, and these users leave. Only when you have a greater stickiness, and then put some of the things used for user communication out, this is useful, so simple is also a kind of beauty.

4, do a good job site, you must enrich the content of the site: do a good job site, do not rush to promote, or else you spread faster, it will be eliminated faster. You have to enrich the content of your website and make it valuable for your customers. Offline, online content, do not let go, but also remember to update every day, retain new users every day.


must learn to promote again good products, if there is no promotion, customers do not know, so do the site, must do promotion, because we want to do the site for the customer base is relatively small, promotion is not difficult, or goes, online and offline, with the promotion of. Online: QQ promotion, QQ group promotion, BBS promotion, mail promotion, soft Wen promotion, stick, SEO and so on, each is well done, acme, popularity will get up. Offline: business card promotion, leaflets, banners promotion, offline activities, press cooperation, local business cooperation, and so on, each to do well, to achieve perfection, visibility will rise.

6, must learn to write soft Wen: write soft Wen, promotion of your website, you may say it is difficult to write, can’t write, there is no suitable topic, this >

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