Abstract: if you tell the story, one or several members of the shell companies want easy valuation of billions of dollars is not difficult. Extremely high valuation virtual phenomenon, indicating that China’s Internet business environment there is a serious irrational prosperity.


note: we need to calm in the face of entrepreneurship before. This is a "no other things like the Internet, full of light general" era, venture cafe is a talking on millions of items; products that have not been verified the concept of entrepreneur manufacturing has been heated; look at the stock market, and 31 times the value of the storm surge into the gem of the myth. The Internet business, in the end is not crazy crazy? See titanium media author alll the point of view of the Tao:

historical critics often put seclusion as one of the Qing Dynasty failed to fuse, if at the time of the world to a network, the time of the Qing Dynasty, is in the opening moments of open LAN mode. When the model was finally broken, LAN things limited vision and pressure, like flowers in the greenhouse, the wind comes, only precarious, cannot withstand a single blow.

entered the era of Internet, the online world of ours, seems to escape the fate of lan. The difference is, in this huge greenhouse, many Internet startups like playing chicken, want to LAN as the starting point, to conquer the world. Even under the "Internet plus" fire, the wave of Internet entrepreneurs to start a blowout mode, all red eye, hysterical frenzy behind the veer out of control.

Internet entrepreneurs irrational exuberance

with the popularity of the Internet, a new era of entrepreneurial boom is coming. All things are associated with the Internet, as full of light, attracted many eyes. Search engine query keyword valuation doubled, the relevant information collected by Baidu up to 3480000, most of the Internet related. Can be seen from these information, a lot of valuation of Internet Co is refreshed again and again, our perception. Sometimes a simple concept, and even the entire company’s valuation can be dozens of times the growth.

God carved a name, the name of the Internet thinking expert, in a short period of time, rely on the Internet outlet grasp, single handedly created the three valuation over 1 billion yuan of Companies: AFU oil exceeds 1 billion 200 million yuan, 8 carved sirloin +2 Xue pan skewers +2 & middot Pina Bausch; afternoon tea +1 cut the guest clown pancakes formed catering companies also totaled over 1 billion yuan. And today’s headlines, to gather a simple aggregation of news APP, but also with less than two years, the valuation of up to about 3000000000 yuan.

in the stock market, the listing of Internet Co shares soared more exaggerated to the domestic gem, for example, has experienced an increase since the beginning of this year. The average price earnings ratio of the gem has reached

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