built a new website, three days by Baidu included home page, oneself also in the study of SEO, simply say this three process,


DIV and the first day of the test site can run normally, the afternoon, the main design of the site map, a thing for users to watch (HTM), a thing to see the spider man (XML), I think it is necessary to do a good foundation, including the div in some

rulesThe importance of

div design can be referenced and the importance of optimizing code in Web design.

second days post articles, now copy some articles, after the original a few articles, each article keywords to do well, it is important to connect the content in connection, Baidu now identify the content in just the first recognition, so don’t add, promotion, this step is not in a hurry, one day send articles promotion articles, the other is a chain, just add a content related website PR=3


the importance of friends chain can refer to, you exchange links today,


third days, or wear articles, mainly Baidu promotion space to write articles, blog promotion and now Baidu is not much interested, so people think that Baidu algorithm change! This afternoon, Baidu home page, GOOGLE included 29 articles.

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